What we do

Strategy and Planning

We assist with development of whole-of-organisation Indigenous strategies, developing Reconciliation Action Plans, embedding Indigenous knowledges and practices through company policies and guidelines. 

Research and Analysis

We undertake Indigenous research with communities, developing ethics proposals, methods and methodologies, working with research teams, and assisting with research principles and practices. We are experienced in qualitative research and analysis and Indigenous research.

Curriculum and Education

We work with 1.4 and 2.4 of the AITSL teaching standards, embedding Indigenous perspectives in curriculum, supporting schools and education providers with the Cross-Curriculum Priority: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures.

Publication Review 

We act as expert advisors/critical friends for organisations in reviewing written work, including books, journals, publications and reports, with an Indigenous lens. 

Community Engagement

We deliver and assist with community consultation processes, co-design workshops and planning tools. Our work is focused on creating spaces for community to have their voices heard on projects and policies, toward developing pathways for organisations to develop strong and respectful relationships with Indigenous communities. 

Cultural Awareness 

We build the cultural competency of organisations through staff training, forums, presentations and coaching. This area of our work includes developing cultural awareness packages for organisations, delivering face-to-face training and improving existing cultural awareness documents and plans.